First Impression with Android Studio 1.0

Just last month, Google finally release the first stable version of Android Studio, version 1.0. It can now be downloaded here. and here is the direct URL of the installer for windows.

The file to be download is around 800+ mb, and then after installation, it will require additional files to be downloaded (if i’m not mistaken, additional file is around 1 GB). So make sure you’ll have a stable internet connection or use a download manager.

After It seems a bit more slower than the old Eclipse IDE, but i love how it is more comprehensive.

The IDE when opening / creating a project

Also, if you are new to Android development, you might feel a bit overwhelmed on the stuff that will be presented at you once you get past the project creation wizard. The Android Studio consumes around 400 MB of memory when running – i have 4 GB ram running on a Windows 8 O.S. The studio lags or hang up when i problably lacks resource, I run it sometimes with Visual Studio and SQL Server – so i tend to those IDE first when doing Android development.

So, where you able to test the new Android Studio? Let us know what you think


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