dev’s neuron at work

picture-of-me-2Welcome to DTN. My name is Randolf Arevalo, a software engineer from Philippines – also the main author of this blog.

DTN’s main focus is mostly about software development in general that focuses on sharing my knowledge to people who’s interested in it but just getting starting or wanted to learn more.

I would try to to make it more beginner friendly, but i’ll share some more advance stuff to spice things up a bit. I’m gonna cover PHP (CodeIgniter, Laravel), .NET (C# and V.NET), and some database related stuff for MySQL and SQL Servers.

Aside from software development – i’m also a newbie stock trader and running enthusiasts (my longest distance run was 21km!). And of course, i love cats.

Visual Basic Programmers – Philippines

If you are student and studying .NET – you can visit the Facebook page i created, Visual Basic Programmers – Philippines. My personal advocacy is to have a helping hand to students who are new or has a question related to software development – creating more future software developers. And of course, you can always contact me using this blog.

That’s all. If you have something in mind. Don’t hesitate to contact me at randolf.arevalo[at] or use the inquiry form here.

Happy Coding!